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The idea for this database arose from a project to digitise and organise a large slide collection, and the consequent need to identify key dates and events relating to Victorian rail enthusiast tours.

Other than the RTA, which has maintained a tour list (freely available at www.railtourist.com.au/index.php/past-tours), rail tours run by rail enthusiast organisations over the years are poorly documented. This database is an attempt to rectify this situation and will hopefully provide a useful resource in identifying photos.

Acknowledgement is extended to Roderick Smith, who has compiled a list of tours on which this database was initially based.

The database is set up using the same system as the more well-known Wikipedia, so you should find that the interface is quite familiar.

Anyone can read the Wiki, but to edit you will need to register. (Your details will not be used for any purpose other than administration of the database itself.) This will provide some control over anonymous editing and spammers.

I would like this to become a useful and accurate resource for sharing information in relation to VR enthusiast tours, for the purposes of research and photo identification. Please edit responsibly, otherwise we will have to revert to a model where editing is carried out by administrators only.

If you are submitting information, please observe the following guidelines:

1. Please limit your edits to factual information (motive power, consists, etc.) rather than opinions or anecdotes – we have Facebook for all that!

2. If you are not 100% sure of any information, please do not submit it to the database. However, you can create a Discussion page attached to any tour and add information there.

3. Please do not overload the database with trivial or excessive details, especially times.

4. After recent updates (Sept/Oct. 2017 and continuing), the database now extends from the late 1930s to the early 1990s. Beyond that, information isn't so readily available, so feel free to contribute!

5. If you have any questions on content or formatting, or wish to offer comments and suggestions, please email the Administrator through the contact form on the RTA main page.

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